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Waggytail Life, formerly Waggy Tail Treats, was established in 2004 out of a small home-based kitchen in Fargo, ND.


Our journey started with Molly, a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix, that struggled with severe allergies. Molly underwent allergy testing and we discovered she was allergic to peas, oats, barley, lamb, and beef. We started reading labels and learned that many dog foods and treats (at that time) were heavy with by-products and other unnecessary ingredients that contributed to Molly’s allergies. After continued vet visits, testing, and medications, Molly found little respite from constant sneezing, paw chewing, and other symptoms. 


With a passion for baking, Jamie started experimenting with different ingredients with the goal of creating a treat for Molly that was healthy and allergy-free. As a labor of love (and many failed recipes), the SNAPS and Mini SNAPS were born. Molly responded so well to the treats; additional flavors were developed to target specific issues that are common with canine pets.


Molly has since passed, but the tradition of baking healthy, all-natural treats for our fur babies continues. Our family (a sassy Pug named Zuri, our handsome Great Dane Bohdi, and our Great Dane puppy Stevie) respond so well to our homemade treats, we wanted to share our gourmet treats with your family. 


From our home to yours with lots of love,


Jamie & Nick

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