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BACON All Natural Everyday Dog Treats

BACON All Natural Everyday Dog Treats

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Introducing our Mini SNAPS and SNAPS Everyday Treats – the ultimate reward for your beloved furry companions, tailored to suit their size and nutritional needs!

For petite pals and those intensive training sessions, our Mini SNAPS pack a powerful punch in every half-inch treat. With approximately 135 treats per resealable bag, you'll have an ample supply to keep those tails wagging with delight.

For medium to large breed dogs with hearty appetites, our SNAPS Everyday Treats deliver satisfaction in every inch-sized bite. Each resealable bag contains around 135 treats, ensuring your furry friend stays fueled and happy throughout the day.

Crafted with precision in small batches, our treats are bursting with all-natural, human-quality ingredients, and are completely free from fillers, byproducts, or chemical preservatives. Plus, they're low in calories, making them an ideal guilt-free indulgence for your canine companion.

Choose from our range of enticing flavors, each designed to address specific concerns common among dogs of all sizes and breeds. Take our Bacon flavor, for instance, formulated to promote protein intake and weight control. Packed with benefits like boosting energy levels and supporting brain development, these treats are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Treat your furry friend to the best with our Mini SNAPS and SNAPS Everyday Treats – because every dog deserves a healthy, tasty reward!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The Best Treats I've Found!

I have a picky little buddy, and these treats are always a hit with him!

Mae Haagenstad
Meatball's FAVORITE, MOM- approved!

We LOVE our Jumbo Yorkie, Meatball! But we have not been the best puppy parents and have been giving him store bought treats, leading to him getting overweight. We want him to be his healthiest. 👋 Then I found THIS brand! Jamie told me all about what these treats don't have. Nothing bad for my ❤️ 😍 Meatball. I have replaced all his treats to ONLY Waggytail Life treats! Ten calories per treat! Meatball is on his way to getting to his ideal weight! He loves ALL the flavors. And he gets the seasonal decorated cookies as special treats! Thank you Jamie!